Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Assignement # 5

I think the TV shows’’24 Hours’’ offer many new ideas and very intelligent hyphen (although at times a little forced). In this program the situations are shown in different angles using the same resource, for this you have to see the program with a lot of attention. Therefore this helps you to learn because you need to understand what happens in the program. At the same time different types of voices help you to learn. To understand the program I used my dictionary in several times, and this was helping me to expand my vocabulary. In general I think that this is a good tool to learn.
I recommend this show to other students because this is an interesting show. All the time do you have to pay a lot of attention to the events to discover the end. This is a TV show with a lot of action and maybe these events can happen in reality. This it is a good method to be entertained and to learn English. But I think in the TV show there is a lot of violence and this is not good for the young people too.

Next hour events

Jack was interrogated the person in charge of the pump put in the building of the CAT and discovered that Nina Mayers, the old investigator of the CAT, is in the prison because she has participated in the attack on the president, was the one who was financed the attack. Jack gave the information and Nina was transported to the destroyed building of CAT. During the interrogation Nina asked for a presidential pardon against her cooperation. Jack was very angry but it was the only way to obtain data of the nuclear pump.
In another scene Tony Almeida went to Warner’s house to question Reza about his bonds with Syed Ali, a dangerous terrorist.
On the CTA building, Mason the director knows, that Paula a team member has finally been rescued from the debris. Unfortunately, she has massive internal bleeding. She'll bleed to death. Even though it will kill her, Mason orders the paramedics to revive her, because they need her code to decrypt the data.
Kim, the daughter of Jack, makes contact with Miguel, her boy friend after being alerted of a danger about the plans on Los Angeles. Miguel helps Kim to escape from the father of Megan.

Second hour events

To be able to locate Joe Wald, Jack infiltrated his band by gaining their confidence.
Kate Warner tries to know who is the man was that her sister would marry this day. he wants to know if he has bonds with a terrorist named Syed Ali.
Jack had to leave on mission with Eddie and the others. He learned that the terrorists to explode the building of the CAT.
In order to protect its cover to reach Wald, Jack contacts with great discretion the members of the CAT to alert them of the danger which threatened them.
But Eric Rayburn did not make any possible sound to prevent information from circulating so that the terrorists would not suspect anything.
Kim the Jack soon escaped with Megan his child in orde to protect him from her father becoming too violent and they took refuge with the CAT where they were sought by the police force. George Mason learned that there he had only one day to live after being exposed to plutonium radiations in the laboratory where the bomb was made.
With the CAT, the personnel didn’t have time to leave the place before the explosion of the bombs. The number of victims increased and there was a lot of proerty damage the majority of the data was lost.
The President learned that a member of his team voluntarily decided not to warn anybody. he decided to return the person in charge.
Unconscious, Megan was transported to the hospital. Kate announced with her father all her discoveries in connection with Reza.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First hour events

In the first part of the story the characters that will be bound know among if during next 24 hours. The story begun with the interrogation of a terrorist that was caught by the secret service of the United States. The terrorist confirmed that there was a nuclear bomb and it woned be explode in the next 24 hours.
Immediately the president was informed of what was is happening and his advisers needed to find the best investigation team to find the bomb.
He also noticed that a warning should not be given to the public of what was happening, to not create an alarm. The president wanted Jack Bauer to be inside the investigation group ,he is a retired investigator with a lot of experiences in this cases. The boss of the CTU the investigator's group, called Jack Bauer but he didn't want to participate because he was too depressed about his wfie's death who was murdered for one investigator's of the department complicity where she worked.
In another scene they showed a couple that planed to marry that same day and they were in the preparations of the wedding,Kate Warner the sister of the future wife not to agree to the marriage and she distrusted the future Arab husband. For this Kate hired a private investigator to know their past life
In another scene they showed Jack's daughter the one which this upset one with their father and work in a house taking care of a girl.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

English introduction of programs of tv in 24 hours

tv program 24 hours

24 hours

This is one television serials, that is very well known in to different countries and, translated in so different languages. The stories are based on problematic events related to international situations of the United States with countries that are against their system. In all the cases the characters have 24 hours to solve the threats or problem against the United States:Therefore, therefore the scenes are developed step by step showing time as it goes by. The serial revolves around the American government and its different military, police and secret institutions that are the ones in charge to save to the country from the threat, also within each story the families of the protagonists are involved and for that reason boxes are seen at the same time in several scenes.

I choose this program because, I think is a funny and interesting program,All along it is necessary to concentrated to understand the sequences.
I hope to learn vocabulary and differnt english expressions.I expected to understand the films more quickly.This is an action and condition story, who takes place en los Angeles California.
A terrorist group has a nuclear pump that they are going to operate in Los Angeles.In 24 hours the investigators must discover the pump before it explodes.

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